10 Best Laptop For Bioinformatics

Are you looking for Best Laptop for Bioinformatics? then you are landed on the right website. We have done great research to pick up the Best Laptop for Bioinformatics students and professionals.

Laptops For Bioinformatics

Laptops For Bioinformatics

Choosing the right laptop according to your work and job is quite a difficult task. You have to look for many factors such as Design, Brand, Color, Generation, Processor, Ram, Graphic Card, and much more. If you are spending thousands of dollars on buying a laptop. Still, you are not being able to pick the perfect one then all your money in vain. Here, we are providing top rated 10 Best Laptop For Bioinformatics 2020 .

If you are a Bioinformatics student or professional then you must be aware of these software’s that are used in this field on a daily basis.

  • NetSurfP
  • NetTurnP
  • AutoDock
  • Gromacs
  • OrfPredictor

To use these types of software on your laptop. You required huge processing power. That’s the reason we have spent days and nights to compile the top 10 best laptops for Bioinformatics. In this list, you can choose the best laptop for yourself according to your need, budget, required processing power including Ram, Processor, Graphic Card, Generation, and design as well.

Top 10 Best laptop for Bioinformatics

List of Top 10 Best Laptops For Bioinformatics

1) HP Spectre x360


After a lot of research, we have placed this laptop to position first among the top ten positions according to its features and specifications.

Spectre x360 is a 2-in-1 best portable laptop with great battery life, stunning design, and high performance. Here are some of its features are explained below.


The processor used in Spectre x360 is intel Core i7-8565U. So you can expect high processing power from this laptop that can run multiple software and programs at a time. Core i7 family is used in this laptop which offers multitasking, High speed, and peak performance. It comprises of following:

  • 8 MB Intel Smart Cache
  • 4 Cores
  • 8 Threads
  • 4.60 GHz Max Turbo Frequency
  • Ultra-Low Power
  • 8th Generation


The battery is one of the important factors in any laptop. Because we do not always have a laptop charger and electricity so we always prefer a laptop with a long-lasting battery life. Spectre x360’s has 61 Wh long-lasting battery life. You can spend a continuous 13 hours of time on this battery easily.


Ram is necessary for running heavy software on laptops. The more Ram you will have the more speedy work you can get. The Ram used in Spectre x360 is 16 GB (DDR3 SDRAM). This Ram is capable enough to run any type of Bioinformatic Software without any issue.

In this price, this laptop is not much expensive as Apple MacBook Air, and  Dell XPS 13. Moreover, you can expect any type of port on this powerful laptop including USB-A and USB-C ports.

By viewing its features and specifications ultimately Spectre x360 is strongly recommended for Bioinformatics.

Key Features

Display13.3-inch 4K display
CPUintel Core i7-8565U
PortsThunderbolt 3, USB Type-C, USB 3.1 Type-A, microSD slot.
Operating SystemWindow 10 Home
Speakers B&O
Security3 years Mcafee Internet Security
HDD 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, or 2TB
Weight2.9 pounds (1.32 kg)


2) Apple MacBook Pro

In this list of top 5, we have ranked Apple MackBook Pro in 2nd position. If you are a MackBook Lover then I highly recommend this one. Because this Laptop is not only used by Bioinformatics as well as all the professionals especially professors mostly use this laptop.
Now the question arises why people prefer MackBook over HP or Dell? The answer is very simple. It has a very slim design and its 3D display is just awesome.
This laptop is also capable of running Bioinformatic software. It is an apple product so definitely it would be long-lasting. It is recommended that buy a quality product at once instead of buying low-quality products again and again.
If someone can afford this MacBook Pro then this laptop is strongly recommended.  This laptop looks more professional, Portable, Long-lasting, and capable of running any software.


With Apple’s T2 Chip you will have no worry about any type of malware on your computer. The T2 Chip technology is not only about security as well as it will take care of the MacBook Pro colling system.


The speakers integrated on MackBook Pro are just outstanding. Audio on this system is also a factor that makes MackBook Pro separate from other laptops.


Apple’s MacBook Pro has a super responsive touchpad. Till now its touchpad is one of the best Touchpad in the market. Simply super smooth.


Apple’s MacBook Pro has a very smooth keyboard. You don’t need to strike your keyboard with power. You can press these keys with a gentle push.

SSD Storage

SSD is a great revolution in storage devices. Conventional HHD’s are too slow then SSD’s because there is no mechanical part in SSD’s.
In the 13inch model, you will get up to 2 TB SSD Storage and in the 15-inch model, you will get up to 4 TB SSD storage. Honestly, this storge is something huge. Believe me, you will get unlimited speed on your laptop due to this fast SSD.

Key Features



Display15.4-inch display, 2880 x 1800 pixels
CPUIntel Core i7 / i9
Operating SystemmacOS High Sierra 10.13.6
GraphicsRadeon Pro 555X – Radeon Pro 560X
StorageUp to 4TB SSD
PortsThunderbolt 3, audio jack
Size13.75 x 9.48 x 0.61 inches
Weight1.82 kg (4.02 pounds)
Battery Life10 Hours
TechnologyTrue Tone


3) Asus Chromebook Flip C434

Asus Chromebook is the best 2-in-1 Chromebook laptop at a low price. It looks better and premium than previously released Chromebook Flip C302CA under low budget.
It has a flashy, premium mate-silver aluminum exterior that gives a similar look and quality as today’s pricey laptops give like MacBook Pro.
If you have a low budget? and you are looking for a quality laptop than I highly suggest you Asus ChromeBook Flip c434. Till now this laptop has received positive ratings and positive feedback from its users.


If we talk about the weight of sus Chromebook Flip c434 it’s totally lightweight and portable. Its weight is just 3.3 pounds. But not as weightless as Mackbook pro.


If we talk about the Ram of this laptop then it is slightly less than other laptops but under this budget, this  Ram is enough. Its Ram size 4GB. But there are other variants that are also available in this model with high prices. Now it’s up to you and your needs.

Free Google Cloud Storage

The most interesting thing about this laptop is free Google cloud storage. Yes, with this laptop you will get 100GB of cloud storage for one year. You can save your all files in cloud storage easily.

Premium Flagship Keyboard

The ASUS C434 has a backlit keyboard with 1.4mm key travel. This means your typing productivity will defiantly be increased and you will love to type on this laptop.

360 Degree Hinge

This laptop allows you to rotate your laptop screen to 360 degrees.  Its flexible hinge allows users to adjust its screen at any position. It can rotate to 360 degrees and its quite interesting to see.

Large Display

ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 is very slim such that you can enjoy a 14-inch screen in just a 13-inch body. It is a non-edge display that gives an ultra-compact footprint.

Key Features


CPUIntel Core m3-8100Y, Core i5-8200Y or Core i7-8500Y
Display14-inch display
GPUIntel HD Graphics 615
Storage64GB or 128GB
Size12.6 x 8 x 0.6 inches
Weight3.3 pounds
OSChrome OS
PortsUSB Type-C & USB Type-A


4) Apple MacBook Air

I love apple Laptops. The reason behind why I and other love apple laptops. Because they always give peak performance and if we talk about their design they are just simply brilliant. No one can compete with apple Laptop’s design.
Apple MacBook Air is a lightweight laptop with a stunning design. It is small in size and gives a premium look. It has a crisp 2560 x 1600-pixel Retina display. It means you will observe 3D Icons on this laptop.
Professional people always prefer Apple MacBook Air. The reason why people prefer Apple MackBook Air is that its design and performance. This laptop looks more professional and moreover, apple is one the biggest brand and you can trust them blindly.
If you have a budget then even don’t think about it just buy it and enjoy this laptop for your whole life. Generally, apple products are always long-lasting and high performance.


Currently, Apple MackBook Air is available in three colors. These are:

    • Gold


    • Silver


    • Grey




If we talk about the weight of Apple’s MacBook Air it’s pretty weightless. Its weight is just 1.25 kg (2.76 pounds). So it’s highly portable.  More suitable for professionals and students.

Battery Life

Usually whenever someone buys a laptop people always worried about battery life. Apple MacBook air has brought a revolution in battery life. It gives more battery life than Apple MacBook Pro. Its battery life is 12 to 13 hours. It means you can run your laptop continuously under 13 hours.

Retina Display

With four times as many pixels in HD Display. Images, videos, and texts give more details and crisp. Texts are so sharp and clear. Whenever you read any text on this laptop you will feel like you are reading on the printing page. More clear edges in pictures and videos.

Touch ID

This is one of the amazing features that your finger is your ID. The touch ID is now built-in MacBook Air. You just need to place your finger on the Touch ID sensor and your MackBook will be unlocked. So this feature gives you more powerful security.

Speaker and Camera

With Stereo Speakers MackBook Air has just improved the quality of sound and increase 25 more volume as compared to previous generations. Perfect for listening to music and watching movies.
The high definition face camera will give you more details in live videos. This means online video quality is much improved due to this camera in MackBook Air.

Key Features


Display13.3-inch Retina Display
Operating SystemmacOS Mojave
RAM8GB or 16GB
CPU1.6GHz dual-core 8th gen Intel Core i5 processor
Ports2 x Type-C USB (Thunderbolt 3), 3.5 mm headphone jack
Storage128GB, 512GB, or 1.5TB SSD
Size11.9 x 8.36 x 0.61 inches
SpeakersStereo speakers
Battery Life13 hours


5) Dell XPS 13

Dell XPS 13 is one of the best laptops for Bioinformatics students and professionals. Because it is sleek, slim, portable, and small and size. You can take this laptop to anywhere.
If you love Dell’s brand and you want to buy a laptop under this brand then you should try this one.  It has a 1920×1080 4K Ultra HD display. Enjoy stunning colors with a better viewing experience.
it comes with 256 GB of storage powered with 16 GB of RAM. It means you can run any type of Bioinformatic software on this computer.
This laptop is also small in size and weight. It’s 2.7 pounds (1.23 kg) and size at 11.9 x 7.8 x 0.3 inches.


Multiple ports are available on this laptop. These are

    • Two Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports


    • one USB-C 3.1 port


    • A 3.5mm headphone jack


    • MicroSD card slot




Currently, this laptop is available in three colors. These colors are:

    • Rose gold-on-white


    • Silver-on-black


    • Frost-on-white design




This laptop comes with SSD. There is an HDD that is also installed on this laptop. But SSD’s are much faster than SSD’s. It has 512 GB of SSD as well as 1TB of HDD which is something huge. You will experience much faster speed due to this SSD.

HD Webcam

This Laptop usually comes with a Full HD webcam. This means you will experience better video calls with sharp details.

Key Specifications


Display13.3-inch display, 1920×1080 pixels
CPU4.6-GHz Intel Core i7-8565U processor
Operating SystemWindows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Home (64-bit)
Storage256 GB
PortsThunderbolt 3 (USB-C), USB-C 3.1, microSD card reader, headset jack
Size7.8 x 11.9 x 0.5 inches
Weight2.7 pounds
Operating SystemWindows 10

If you can afford this Laptop then go and buy it. This laptop will also a better choice for Bioinformatics and can run every type of bioinformatics software.

6) Microsoft Surface Book 2

This is another good and powerful choice for Bioinformatics.  The body of this laptop is made up of aluminum chassis so it can withstand normal crashes and damages. If we talk about its design, it is slim and lightweight.
It is best laptop for Bioinformatics because the Core I7 processor is used in Microsoft Surface Book 2. This processor can easily handle any type of heavy software and multitasking. Matlab is one of the heaviest software. Most of the laptops can not run this heavy software having a size of 60 GB. but Microsoft Surface Book 2 can easily handle Matlab and other likewise software’s.
Moreover, this laptop comes with 16 GB of Ram. I think this Ram is more than enough for any laptop and to perform any type of work with a laptop that has 16 GB Ram. If we talk about the storage of this Laptop, it comes with 256 GB of SSD. To me, 256 GB SSD along with HDD is enough for any laptop. Because this SSD will speed up your work and moreover, you can store your entertainment and other work-related stuff in a huge HDD.


Bioinformatics usually prefers a laptop that weighs less and portable. If we talk about the weight of Microsoft Surface book 2 it weighs only 4.2 pounds. This weight is very less and can be portable to anywhere.

Battery Life

If we talk about its battery life is not good enough as the battery life of Asus Chromebook, Apple Mackbook Pro, Apple Mackbook Air, and Dell XPS 13, etc. Its battery life is 17 hours.


The speakers of Miceofsoft Sufacebook 2 are not good enough. It does not produce amazing sound. If we compare its speakers with Apple Mackbook Pro and Apple Mackbook Air then to me there is no comparison of these. Apple’s speaks are way better than Microsoft Sufacebook 2.

Key Features


Display15-inch, 3240 x 2160 pixels
CPUIntel Core i7-8650U
GPUIntel UHD Graphics 620; Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060
Storage1TB PCIe 3.0 SSD
Size13.5 x 9.87 x 0.568-0.90 (343 x 251 x 15-23 mm)
Weight4.20 pounds (1.9 kg)
CPU Speed 4.2 GHz
Operating SystemWindows 10 Pro
Human Interface InputTouchscreen with Stylus Support

Overall, if we talk about the quality and processing power of Microsoft Surface Book 2 then it is best for Bioinforamtics students and professionals. Because Ram, Processor, Design, and Graphic Card is one of the biggest factors for people. As mentioned and explained above about its Processor, Ram, and design. These Specs are enough for a quality laptop and for high-level processing.

7) Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is a stylish 2-in-1 high computational power laptop for Bioinformatics students and professionals. It does not cost too much and it is best for low budget people.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 provides a full HD display with 13.3 inches display.Also, it is available in 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 weighs only 1.70 lbs.And it has a strong battery life of 10.5 hours

You can easily convert this 2-in-1 laptop into a tablet. So this laptop is highly portable and there is no need for a separate bag to carry this laptop along with you. You can easily handle this laptop in your existing bag.

If we talk about the variant of this laptop. It comes with 3 models.

  • Core i3
  • Core i5
  • Core i7

It’s to buy a Core i7 model. Because it has the highest processing power than core i3 and core i7.

i3 Model

In the i3 model, you will get 4GB of Ram and 128GB SSD. It’s better to buy the i5 variant than then i3 variant.

i5 Model

If we talk about Ram and Storage. It comes with 8 GB of Ram and 256 SSD. This Ram and Storage are enough to run any heavy software.

i7 Model

This is the high processing power model of Microsoft Surface Pro 7. It comes with 10 Generation, 16 GB of Ram and 1TB SSD. I highly recommend you to buy this model because of its latest generation and other specs.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 now has a USB-C port, USB-A port but there is no Thunderbolt 3 port is available.

Overall, if we talk about Microsoft Surface Pro 7. It is the best laptop for Bioinformatics. I highly recommend you buy the i5 model or buy the i7 model if you can afford it.

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What Makes the best laptop for Bioinformatics?

Before buying a laptop you must consider some of the things that may help you in buying the best laptop according to your needs.


The processor is one of the main factors while buying any laptop. Because we know that the whole processing power game revolves around the processor of any laptop.

Always buy a laptop with intel core I Series.  It is way better than the Pentium series. Always buy a laptop of 5th generation or above 5. Ultimately core i7 processor is best for Bioinformatics students and professionals.


Ram plays an important role to make the laptop best. The more Ram laptop will have the more fast work will be done.

For Bioinformatic student minimum Ram must be 8 GB that can handle any type of heavy software.  The type of Ram must be DDR4 to get ultra-high speed.


This is another important factor that must be considered while buying a laptop. A laptop must be portable. It must be sleek and thin so you can take it anywhere along with you.

Better Screen

Always buy a laptop that gives you a better screen at a particular price. Here better means resolution, panel type, and size. Your laptops must have an IPS display. So in this regard, Apple’s products including Apple Mackbook Pro and Apple Mackbook Air always win.


This was actually a research of a couple of days that we have done especially to find out the best laptop for Bioinformatics students and Professionals so that they can buy the best laptop. If you are still unable to decide which one to buy and which one is suitable for you. Here are some suggestions from our side to pick the best one for you.

If you have a budget then I highly recommend you Spectre x360, Apple Mackbook Pro, and Apple Mackbook Air. You can choose anyone from these. When you will use these products you are going to love these laptops.

If you have a low budget and you are still being not able to pick the best laptop in your budget then don’t worry. We are here to help you to pick the best one under your budget. Under this budget, you can buy Asus Chromebook  Flip c434, Dell XPS 13, and Microsoft surface pro 7. These laptops are best for low budget Bioinformatics students and professionals.

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