Best Laptop for Cloud Computing

Best Laptop For Cloud Computing

Best Laptop For Cloud Computing

Choosing the best laptop for Cloud Computing is quite a tricky task. Because you always need a powerful computer for Cloud Computing. A laptop that has high computational power. Including a powerful processor, Ram, and huge SSD storage.

In cloud computing, you have to deal with heavy software, resource sharing, Transfer of files, and much more. To handle all these you must have one powerful laptop that does all the jobs for you efficiently.

Laptop for Cloud Compting must have a long-lasting battery, powerful processor, high Ram, fast SSD storage and it must belong to the latest generation. Why the latest generation? Because the latest generation contains very small transistors (the size of each transistor is 10NM). Till now the latest generation is 10th and the size of each transistor used in the 10th generation computer is 10NM. Small transistor size means long battery life and more speed. Ultimately you will get a very compact and high-speed processor.

Top 10 Best Laptops for Cloud Computing

If you are looking for the Best laptop for Cloud computing then here is the list of Top 10 laptops. We have spent days and nights to find out the top laptop for Cloud computing. You are going to love this laptop at first glance.

Apple’s MacBook Pro(Editor’s Choice)

Apple’s MacBook Pro is always the first priority of professionals. When it comes to Powerful Computation, Speed, Design, and battery life. No other laptop can compete with Apple’s MacBook Pro.

Specifications Description

Apple’s MacBook Pro comes with the Intel Core i7 processor. This processor is capable of handling heavy software. This Cpu is 2 times faster and gives 80 percent faster Graphics performance.

If we talk about Storage of Apple’s MacBook Pro, it comes with 512GB SSD and512GB SSD and 16GB DDR3. This SSD storage is super fast and lightweight.  You can transfer your large files with super fast speed. With 16 GB of huge Ram, you can easily handle multitasking and can run multiple software’s at a time with zero lag.

Good battery life is very important for any laptop. Especially Cloud computing needs a long-lasting battery. Apple’s MacBook Pro has a long-lasting battery. you can spend up to 10 hours continuously on it. It means you can easily spend a whole day on this laptop.

Touch ID is a powerful security feature integrated on Apple’s MacBook Pro. Touch ID allows you to open and lock your laptop by just putting your finger on the Touch ID sensor. This isn’t a cool feature?

With Bluetooth technology, you don’t need to connect external devices with wires. You can easily connect mobile phones, Speakers, and headphones with Apple’s MacBook Pro without any wire.

Currently, Apple Macbook Air is available in 3 Colors

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Grey

Ultimately Apple’s MacBook Pro is the best laptop for Cloud Computing. Once you use this laptop, you gonna fall in love with this product of Apple.

Key Specs

Screen Size15 Inches
Storage512GB SSD
ProcessorIntel Core i7
Graphics cardRadeon Pro 560 (dedicated).
Operating SystemmacOS Sierra
Weight4.02 lbs(1.83 kg)
Battery life12 Hours
DisplayRetina Display
ColorsGold, Silver, and Grey
Reasons To Buy
  • Long-Lasting
  • Light Weight
  • Slim Design
  • High Processing Power
  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • Fast SSD Storage
  • Retina Display
Reasons To Not Buy
  • High cost


Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition

This is one of the powerful laptops for Cloud Computing. Seriously if you have a budget then I highly recommend you to go for this laptop. It has the highest computational power. Believe me, you can run and install the heaviest software on this machine. It’s so powerful.

Razer Blade 15 comes with the Intel Core i7-9750H processor highly capable of multitasking and can run the heaviest software and heavy games like GTA 5 and Pubg, etc with zero lag.

If we talk about its Ram. It’s a huge one, In Razer Blade 15 you will get up to 32GB 2,666Hz DDR4 Ram. This Ram allows you to run multiple heaviest software at a time. Your system will never be slow down.

1TB SSD storage is installed on Razer Blade 15. It means you can store a large number of files on it and can transfer these files from one device to another within no time. Why SSD is faster than HDD? You might be looking for its answer. Because there is no mechanical part in SSD as compared to HDD. (Conventional HDDs consist of  Reading Headers)

There are a large number of ports are available on this laptop these are:

  • 1x USB-C
  • headphone jack
  • Mini DisplayPort
  • HDMI
  • Thunderbolt 3
  • 3x USB-A 3.1
  • 1x HDMI 2.0
  • 1x mini DisplayPort
  • 1x audio

In networking Prospective, you will get Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), and Bluetooth 5.0, etc.

It offers one of the best keyboards in the market. It’s smooth and produces crispy sound while typing. It is so comfortable that you can type on it for many hours.

It comes with OLED Display (organic light-emitting diode) with a 4k ultra-high-resolution display.

Display15.6-inch 3,840×2,160-pixel OLED touchscreen 60Hz
PC CPUIntel Core i7-9750H
PC Memory32GB 2,666Hz DDR4
GraphicsNvidia Quadro RTX 5000
Storage1TB SSD, SD card slot
Ports1x USB-C/Thunderbolt 3, 3x USB-A 3.1, 1x HDMI 2.0, 1x mini DisplayPort, 1x audio
NetworkingWi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), Bluetooth 5.0
Ram32 GB
Weight9.15 pounds
Reasons To Buy
  • Sleek aluminum build.
  • Stunning 4K OLED screen
  • Long battery life
  • Huge touchpad
  • Good cooling
Reasons To Not Buy
  • Standard warranty just one year


ASUS VivoBook M580VD-EB76

ASUS VivoBook is a good laptop for Cloud Computing under a low budget with good specifications. If you have a low budget and you could not afford Apple’s MacBook Pro then ASUS VivoBook will be a better choice for Cloud Computing.

Specifications Description

ASUS VivoBook is a light and thin laptop at a cheap price. It has a 15.6-inch display and it has a good viewing angle.

If we talk about its storage it comes with 256GB SATA 3 M.2 SSD storage. This SSD storage is much faster than conventional HDD.  Speaking about its Ram, It’s good. With 256 GB storage, ASUS VivoBook comes with 16GB of Ram.

Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor is used in ASUS VivoBook and is capable of multitasking. This means you can run multiples programs at a time. Moreover, you can install and run heavy software with zero lag.

GTX 1050 4GB graphics card is used in this laptop. It means the laptop will provide a colorful display and could be the best laptop for gaming purposes.

A huge number of ports are available on this laptop. All external peripherals can be attached to ASUS VivoBook.

This laptop is lightweight and portable and it just weighs 5.1 pounds i.e. 2.3 kg. You can take this laptop to anywhere because of its slim and sleek design.

Harman/Kardon speakers are used in ASUS VivoBook and it has decent battery life. You can spend  6 to 7 hours of battery life on this laptop.

Key Specs

Screen Size15.6 Inches
Screen Resolution1920 x 1080 pixels
ProcessorIntel Core i7-7700HQ
Graphics CoprocessorNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
Number of USB 2.0 Ports2
Number of USB 3.0 Ports1
Storage256GB SATA 3 M.2 SSD
Weight 5.1 pounds
Battery Life6 to 7 Hours
Reasons To Buy
  • Long-Lasting
  • Light Weight
  • Slim Design
  • High Processing Power
  • Fast SSD Storage
Reasons To Not Buy
  • Middle Battery Life


LG Gram

LG Gram is a lightweight and thin powerful laptop for cloud computing. You can take this laptop along with you anywhere. Because it is one of the slimmest, stylish and beautiful laptop.

It weighs less than 2.5 pounds that’s the reason LG Gram is a lightweight portable laptop. You can open this laptop anywhere and can start your work instantly. No special space is required to use this laptop on a table.

LG Gram uses Intel 8th Generation i5-8250U processor and this Cpu is capable of running multiple software and programs at a time. It belongs to the latest 10 generations. 10th Generation means Fast processing speed and long-lasting battery.

It has 8GB of Ram that allows you to run powerful software with zero lags and disturbance. With 8GB Ram LG Gram comes with 256 GB SSD of storage which makes the execution of programs faster.

The reason which makes this laptop best for Cloud Computing is its battery life. Could you believe that you can spend 19 hours on this laptop without a charger? The reason behind its long-lasting battery is its latest 10th generation. Because the size of the transistor used on this processor is just only 10 NM.  This isn’t an amazing feature?

It has a 4inch IPS display which makes the display more crispy. This screen is bright and it has a large viewing angle. This crisply IPS display helps to work for long hours on this laptop.

Key Specs

Display14inch IPS
ProcessorIntel Core i7-1065G7
Storage512GB SSD
Battery Life18.5
Operating SystemWindow 10 Home
Weight2.40 Pounds
Batteries2 Lithium-ion batteries required
Number of USB 3.0 Ports2
Reasons To Buy
  • Lightweight & Slim Build
  • High Processing Power
  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • Fast SSD Storage
Reasons To Not Buy
  • Lightweight & Slim Build


Acer Swift 5 Ultra-Thin & Lightweight

Acer Swift 5 is an ultra-thin laptop for Cloud Computing and it just weighs only 2 pounds. Acer already has made words slimmest laptop but they are unstoppable and settled a new record in the form of Acer Swift 5.

You might be thinking that this laptop will be too expensive to buy. But you are totally wrong this slimmest and powerful laptop is cheaper than your thinking.

Acer Swift 5 comes with a Quad-core Intel Core i7 processor with 10th Generation. It’s the latest generation that makes this laptop best for cloud computing. As mentioned above latest generation means the fastest speed, high computational power, and long-lasting battery life.

8GB of RAM and a 512GB solid-state drive make Acer Swift 5 super fast at a cheap price. SSD is much faster than HDD. So you can run any software on this laptop without hanging problems and lags.

Acer Swift 5 is the best alternative to expensive laptops like MacBook Pro and ASUS VivoBook.  It is the most affordable ultraportable laptop with a full HD (1,920-by-1,080-pixel) touch screen.

The Body of Acer Swift 5 is made up of magnesium-lithium, magnesium-aluminum blend. Once you pick this laptop on your hand you will feel like the body of this laptop is hollow from inside.

The system offers enough ports to satisfy every user including one Thunderbolt 3 port (Harder to find on most of the expensive laptops), USB 2.0 ports, cable lock slot, HDMI port, and audio jack.

There is no SSD Card slot is available on this laptop.

Acer Swift 5 provides impressive battery life due to the latest 10th Generation. This laptop can achieve 8 to 10 hours of battery life even under heavy work.

Key Specs

ProcessorQuad-core Intel Core i7
Display14 Inch
Battery Life11 Hours
Weight2.18 Pounds
Number of USB 2.0 Ports2
Screen Resolution1,920-by-1,080-pixel
OSWindow 10 Home
Reasons To Buy
  • Thin and Light
  • Affordable
  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • Good Number of Ports
Reasons To Not Buy
  • No SD card reader
  • Lackluster speakers


Lenovo Legion Y7000

Lenovo has made a powerful multipurpose laptop at a cheap price. Lenovo always makes powerful laptops at cheap price but they were unable to make cool designs. But this time Lenovo has improved its design in the form of Lenovo Legion Y7000.

Talking about its display it comes with an HD Anti-Glare LED Backlight display followed by IPS technology. It is backed by a full-size backlit keyboard which makes typing work easier and you can spend more time on typing because the keyboard is smooth and reliable.

This laptop is powered by the Intel Core i7-8750H processor followed by turbo boost technology. This makes your laptop faster and provides multitasking. It means you can run different software at a time with zero lag.

It comes with a mammoth 16GB of DDR4 RAM. This Ram is enough at this price and capable of running heavy software without hanging problems that usually occur in laptops when heavy software is being run.

With 16 GB of Ram, you will get up to 1TB HDD as well as 25GB PCIe SSD storage. You can easily store huge files and data on 1TB HDD and 256GB of SSD makes your computer further fast.

6GB of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 dedicated graphics card is integrated on this machine which makes this laptop more powerful for gaming and graphics purposes.

This Laptop gives decent battery life at this cheap price. You can spend up to 6 to 7 hours on this laptop without a charger.

Key Specs

ProcessorIntel Core i7-8750H
Storage512SSD + 1TB HDD
Battery Life5  Hours
Operating SystemWindow 10
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
Weight9.13 pounds
PortsUSB 3.1, USB 3.1, USB-C port, HDMI , Mini-DisplayPort
Reasons To Buy
  • Above-average CPU Turbo Boost performance
  • Strong hinges
  • Good Battery
  • Fairly inexpensive
  • Narrow bezels on three sides
Reasons To Not Buy
  • No SD reader or Thunderbolt 3


Acer Swift 7

Acer Swift 7 is one of the thinnest and lightest laptop ever. It weighs only 1.96 lbs (890 grams). It has just beaten Apple’s products and now it becomes a highly portable laptop for Cloud Computing and other purposes.

This is an ideal travel companion that you can take this laptop anywhere along with you as it weighs nothing. Its body is made up of magnesium. magnesium is lighter and stronger than other materials that are used in building the case and body of the laptop.

It comes with a dual-core Core i7 processor that is capable of running heavy software and programs at zero lags. It belongs to the latest 8th generation.

If we talk about its Ram,  it is more than enough. You will get up to 16GB of Ram that allows you to run multiple programs at a time without hanging problems.

Speaking about its internal storage, it comes with 512GB of fast SSD storage. SSD is much faster than HDD so it will make your laptop further faster and powerful.

Talking about its ports. It has almost every type of port including

  • two USB Type-C
  • Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • USB-A port
  • HDMI

Key Specs

Processor1.3-GHz Intel Core i7-7Y75 processor
Display Size14′
Graphics CardIntel HD Graphics 615
Hard Drive Size512 GB
Highest Available Resolution1920 x 1280
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
PortsUSB Type-C, Headset, Fingerprint Scanner
Weight2.48 pounds
Reasons To Buy
  • lightweight
  • Elegant design
  • Gorgeous 14-inch display
  • long battery life
Reasons To Not Buy
  • Weak speakers


Huawei MateBook X Pro

Huawei MateBook Pro is the world’s first full view display laptop with a 13.9-inch 3K touchscreen. This laptop is also lightweight and its design is just stunning. You gonna fall in love with this laptop at first glance.

It comes with an Intel Core i7 8550U processor that is capable of multitasking and can run heavy software with zero lags. It belongs to the 8th generation.

Speaking about its Ram, it comes with 16GB Ram and this Ram is enough at this price tag.

It has built-in fast SSD which makes this laptop faster. You can transfer and receive files quickly from one device to another device. It comes with 512 GB of SSD.

It has a batter battery life you can spend up to 7 to 8 hours on this laptop easily without a charger. Moreover, it has almost every type of ports including:

  • 802.11ac (2 x 2) & Bluetooth 4.1
  • one USB-C 3.1 Gen 2
  • one USB 3.0 Type-A
  • headphone jack
  • MateDock 2
  • USB-A port
  • USB-C port


Key Specs

Processorintel Core 1.6-GHz i5-8250U;1.8GHz Intel Core i7-8550U
Display13.9-inch IPS technology
GraphicsIntel UHD 620 (Integrated) + Nvidia GeForce MX150 w/2GB
Battery8 to 10 Hours
Operating systemWindows 10 Home
Weight2.9 pounds, 3.34 pounds
Wireless802.11ac (2 x 2) & Bluetooth 4.1
Reasons To Buy
  • Fast performance
  • Comfortable keyboard
  • Long battery life
  • Both USB Type-C and Type-A ports
Reasons To Not Buy
  • Limited availability


If you are still unable to find the best laptop for Cloud computing then don’t worry. Here are some of our recommendations that will surely help you out to choose the best laptop. If you have a budget then I highly recommend Apple’s Macbook Pro. This is the all-time best laptop for Cloud computing. Because of its features and elegant design.

If you have a slightly low budget still you don’t need to worry about it. Here is another laptop that will fulfill your cloud computing need even under a low price and budget. LG Gram is one of the thinnest laptop ever with its superb features. This could be your ideal choice for cloud computing under a low budget.

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